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Coffee, Berlin and cheesecake

Berlin has always been one of my favourite cities. I spent quite a bit of time here over the years for different research purposes. This time I was here to explore coffee in Berlin, and in particular the coffee shop … Continue reading

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Drawing people to the city: coffee festivals

While my current research project explores the impact of cafes on different urban communities, I’m also interested in other activities related to the café industry, and the impact these have on different cities. There are a growing number of coffee … Continue reading

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More than a new latte experience: apple and cinnamon in Berlin

Like other European cities, Berlin is home to huge range of independent and café chains, some with familiar characteristics, and others with their own unique identity. When we arrived in Alexanderplatz it was raining, we were a bit hungry and definitely … Continue reading

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Cafe spaces in Europe: Berlin and Brussels

Something that is great about this project is that because cafes and coffee houses are everywhere when I’m travelling about for other projects, or in my own time, it’s easy to find new places that are interesting and relevant for … Continue reading

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