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Coffee with a conscience: social enterprises in the coffee shop industry

One aspect of my research into the coffee shop industry is the extent to which the industry contributes to the development of ‘community’  – one element of this is exploring the activities of social enterprises in the industry and how … Continue reading

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Book Review: Coffee for one by K J Fallon

While there has been growth and change in our coffee consumption out of the home in coffee shops as they have become staple features of the daily lives of many people across the globe, the patterns in coffee consumption at … Continue reading

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Trends and patterns in coffee, cafes and coffee shops

The Specialty Coffee Association has recently published two news pieces with data (and nice infographics) about the coffee industry, the first looking at specialty coffee consumption trends in the US, and the second on the size of the coffee market … Continue reading

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Specialty coffee companies and coffee consolidation

Recently there has been quite a lot of attention in the media about coffee companies and investment, in part prompted by the announcement that Nestle purchased a 68% majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee, a US specialty coffee company with … Continue reading

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Thank you Orange Cactus Coffee

In April I wrote a blog post about some of the podcasts that I listen to, in order to learn about coffee. One of these was the Orange Cactus Coffee Podcast, which I started to listen to after some interaction … Continue reading

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