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International Coffee Day 2019: Celebrating coffee and considering global coffee challenges

1st October is International Coffee Day. This event is designed to both celebrate coffee and recognise the millions of people from across the globe that are involved in maintaining and developing the coffee industry from the farmers to baristas and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Coffeeography by Stephen Leighton

I mentioned a previous post about how Stephen Leighton founder of Has Bean Coffee has demonstrated how important building relationships with specialty coffee producers can be. Has Bean Coffee is well known for its specialty coffees which showcase a range … Continue reading

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Inspired by Standart: ‘Why the Social Sciences Matter’

I have mentioned Standart magazine before in a post about magazines I read to learn about coffee and the coffee industry – now on Issue 10 it’s becoming a growing store of coffee knowledge. In the most recent issue which … Continue reading

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Highlights from ‘Coffee and the God Shot’

There is no ignoring the importance of coffee in the growth of the café industry, and coffee was at the centre of a recent podcast from the BBC Food Programme. In ‘Coffee and the God shot’ Dan Saladino explores a … Continue reading

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