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Learning about coffee: Inside the factory

These days I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV, but after a few friends got in touch to tell me about a recent episode of the BBC series Inside the Factory which was all about Coffee. Presented … Continue reading

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Co-working and the cafe

This blog post is based on a talk I prepared for a workshop at CAMEo, the Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies at the University of Leicester on co-working dynamics in the city. “It was a pleasant cafe, warm … Continue reading

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Coffee Shop Takeover: a Decline of Pubs and High Street Transformation

Our high streets are changing, according to recent data from the Local Data Company, as discussed by the BBC. The data highlights a number of changes which indicate that what consumers want from the high streets is being transformed. With … Continue reading

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Wi-fi in cafes: an expected service?

The BBC reported this week on the use of wi-fi in cafés. While for many people there is an expectation that a café is likely to provide free wi-fi, there are many cafés which are deliberately not providing the service. … Continue reading

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Highlights from ‘Coffee and the God Shot’

There is no ignoring the importance of coffee in the growth of the café industry, and coffee was at the centre of a recent podcast from the BBC Food Programme. In ‘Coffee and the God shot’ Dan Saladino explores a … Continue reading

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