Cafe spaces in Europe: Berlin and Brussels

Specialty coffee map berlinSomething that is great about this project is that because cafes and coffee houses are everywhere when I’m travelling about for other projects, or in my own time, it’s easy to find new places that are interesting and relevant for this project too. While in Berlin recently I made use of the recent Specialty Coffee Map of Berlin finding lots of interesting cafes and social spaces. Coffee houses have  a long history in Berlin (like others across the continent), with the first opening in 1721.

In addition to the growing specialty coffee places in Berlin, there are a number of chains in the city which I hadn’t visited before: Coffee Fellows, Balzac Coffee (in the images below)and Einstein Kaffee each with their own distinctive feel and decor. There will be a blog post soon on cafe culture in Berlin which explores some of these a bit more.

balzac coffee berlin balzac coffee berlin

Earlier in the week I was in Brussels, and while there I managed to find a few interesting places too, in particular OR Coffee, a micro-roastery, coffee training centre and coffee bar.

OR Coffee Roaster

OR Coffee - Brussels

It’s interesting to find other places that provide these different elements of the cafe industry all in one place, not to mention the way they act as a hub for a whole host of other activities in the city. There’ll be a blog post on this topic soon too.


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