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Thoughts on ‘Everything but the Coffee’

There are a lot of books out there about coffee, coffee culture and cafes. I’ve spent years working through them but there’s always so much more to read. I was recently recommended ‘Everything but the coffee’ by Bryant Simon. It’s … Continue reading

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Consumers, reusable cups and convenience

At the end of the November Coventry University published a press release which included some of my research based around the issue of disposable coffee cups and plastic waste. The release came out just after the Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced … Continue reading

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Trends and patterns in coffee, cafes and coffee shops

The Specialty Coffee Association has recently published two news pieces with data (and nice infographics) about the coffee industry, the first looking at specialty coffee consumption trends in the US, and the second on the size of the coffee market … Continue reading

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Coffee shops, The Conversation and radio

There have been a few articles in the media recently about if the UK is close to reaching peak coffee shop. The BBC asked if the UK was reaching coffee shop saturation point, ITV News ran a short piece on … Continue reading

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The battle of the coffee shops continues

This week coffee shops have been back in the UK media. A  short piece on ITV news which highlighted how the national chains continue battle with independents for their share of the £9 billion coffee shop market. It was also … Continue reading

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More than just four options

Earlier this month an article on BBC News appeared which outlined ‘four solutions to the disposable coffee cup problem’. It re-highlights the scale of the disposable coffee cup problem in the UK – 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups thrown away … Continue reading

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Specialty coffee companies and coffee consolidation

Recently there has been quite a lot of attention in the media about coffee companies and investment, in part prompted by the announcement that Nestle purchased a 68% majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee, a US specialty coffee company with … Continue reading

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Book Review – New York City Coffee: A Caffeinated History

One of my favourite cities in the world is New York. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few times, including a nice long stay which gave me plenty of time to explore when an Icelandic volcano caused havoc to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Paris Coffee Revolution

Paris is often seen as a city with quintessential European street café culture with a café on almost every corner, and a row of tables out on the streets. Indeed, Paris has a rich café culture with a long history, … Continue reading

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Beyond the beans: coffee shops and the circular economy

Earlier this month I took part in the Circular Economy: Transitioning to Sustainability conference held at Coventry University, presenting some of my research around the coffee shop industry and the circular economy. The conference discussed a range of topics related … Continue reading

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