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Coffee, communication and community: coffee shop culture in a time of Coronavirus and social distancing

Until recently the UK, like many other countries across the world, had a vibrant coffee shop culture. Towns and cities filled with bustling coffee shops, with many people visiting them on a regular basis as part of their daily lives. … Continue reading

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New adventures of a latte parent

I first came across the terms ‘latte mums’ and ‘latte dads’ when reading about how for many parents on extended parental leave in Scandinavia, spending time in cafés is part of the norm (Wiklund, 2008; Eriksson, 2005).  I later read … Continue reading

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Learning about coffee and coffee shops: Podcasts

Recently I’ve been writing a few blog posts which highlight where I learn about coffee, cafes, and coffee cultures. Previous posts have covered books, magazines, and blogs/websites. Today’s post introduces some of the podcasts I listen to, some of them … Continue reading

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Co-working and the cafe: an animation

Back in March I wrote a blog post highlighting some of my key points from a presentation around co-working and the café. Recently I came across a platform, PowToon, which allows you to create animations from presentations. So I thought … Continue reading

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Baristas: Top tips for getting ahead in the coffee shop industry

While my current research project focuses on the impact of coffee shops in urban spaces, through my fieldwork I’ve been collecting interesting findings about working in the coffee shop industry too*. Coffee shops are known for having quite high turn … Continue reading

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New competition: Coffee #1

While the coffee shop chains Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Caffe Nero dominate the market in the UK, increasingly there is growing competition from regional chains that have adopted strategies of substantial geographic expansion. One such chain is Coffee #1 which … Continue reading

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Coffee shops become the new ‘Local’ and other trends in the UK coffee shop market

“The UK has become a nation of coffee drinkers, with coffee shop visitors purchasing an estimated 2.3 billion cups of coffee per year in stores. Consumers are more knowledgeable and empowered with choice than ever before, and the rise of … Continue reading

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Coffee and a furball: the rise of animal cafes

  It was reported this week that Bristol is the next city in the UK to get its first cat cafe, a cafe where visitors can spend time with cats roaming around while they have their coffee. Bristol is one … Continue reading

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Wi-fi in cafes: an expected service?

The BBC reported this week on the use of wi-fi in cafés. While for many people there is an expectation that a café is likely to provide free wi-fi, there are many cafés which are deliberately not providing the service. … Continue reading

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Cafes of Coventry City Centre

Since starting the research on cafes I often get asked where to go in Coventry city centre, and people are usually surprised when I roll off a list of places. Over the holidays I started sketching some of the cafes … Continue reading

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