Research Outputs


Ferreira, J. (2017) Has Britain Reached Peak Coffee Shop. The Conversation 30/10/2017.

Ferreira, J. (2016) Café nation: Exploring the Growth of the UK cafe industry. Area. 49(1): 69-76. DOI: 10.1111/area.12285

Ferreira, J. (2016) Minutes on the lips, a lifetime on the tip: the coffee cup waste mountain. The Conversation 29/07/2016

Ferreira, J. (2015) How the third wave of coffee shops is transforming high street. The Conversation. 27/07/15 Available at:

Ferreira, J. (2014) ‘Book Review: Café Society’. Urban Geography Research Group Book Review Series 2014. Available at: 

Research Summary

Ferreira, J. (2017) Spaces of Community: Exploring dyanamics in the cafe industry. Coventry: Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University.

Spaces of Community Report Cafe Industry

Book Chapters

Ferreira, J. (2016) ‘The third wave and the transformation of urban centres’ in Pilgrim, D (ed). Coffee Shop North.

Conference Presentations

‘Beyond the bean: coffee, coffee shops and the circular economy’. Circular Economy: Transititioning to Sustainability Conference, Coventry University, Coventry, July 2017.

‘Fostering sustainable business in the coffee shop economy’, British Academy of Management Annual Conference, Warwick University, September 2017

‘Exploring the new cafe society: spaces of possibility’, Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, Royal Geographical Society, London, August 2017.

‘Coffee shops and work: considering the coffice economy’. Faculty of Business and Law Annual Conference, Coventry University, Coventry, June 2017.

‘Exploring the journey from a research idea into research reality: inspiration to impact’. Coventry University Annual Conference, June 2017.

‘Co-working and the café’. Coworking Dynamics and the City Workshop, University of Leicester, March 2017.

‘New café society? Spaces of possibility’. Faculty of Business and Law Conference, Coventry University. June 2016.


Co-working and the cafe:





Ferreira, J. (2015) Spaces of Community: Exploring the dynamics of the UK cafe industry. Presented at the Faculty of Business, Environment and Society Conference, June 2015, Coventry University.

Cafe spaces poster 2015


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