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New research: Exploring coffee consumption and the impact of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions

Until recently the UK had a thriving coffee shop culture, with most high streets offering a range of different independent and chain coffee shop outlets. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold, fewer people were leaving home until … Continue reading

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Coffee, Coronavirus and keeping up with a changing world

Several times over the last few weeks I have started to write a blog post, but I’ve never been able to finish it, the world keeps changing at a rapid pace. Many countries around the world are dealing with the … Continue reading

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Looking back at the coffee in 2018

Much of my 2018 has been fuelled by coffeee. Last year I made the decision to try and vary the coffee we drank at home to explore different coffees and brewing methods, learn more about the growing coffee roasting industry, … Continue reading

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A return to Portugal and specialty coffee: Coffee shops, roasters and coffee

Portugal has always had a vibrant coffee culture, with cafes playing a central role in many people’s lives, but as in many places, coffee culture is changing. When I first started to visit Portugal, you would struggle to find places … Continue reading

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Considering the Coffee Free House

Recently I’ve had some time to catch up on various coffee related reading and videos. European Coffee Trip published an interview with Jeremy Challender, who is well known for his role in Prufrock Coffee in London (and now Barista Hustle). … Continue reading

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Book Review: London Coffee by Lani Kingston

Having read lots of books about the coffee and specialty coffee industry, what is often missing is the personal nature of how the industry develops – without the dedication and efforts of individuals in creating and fostering businesses in coffee, … Continue reading

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Thank you Orange Cactus Coffee

In April I wrote a blog post about some of the podcasts that I listen to, in order to learn about coffee. One of these was the Orange Cactus Coffee Podcast, which I started to listen to after some interaction … Continue reading

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