Spaces of Community: Dynamics in the cafe industry – Research Summary

The ‘Cafe Spaces’ blog was originally established to support the activities around the research project ‘Spaces of Community: exploring dynamics in the café industry‘, which sought to explore the growth and development of the café industry in the UK, and examine the role of cafés in different urban spaces.

There are a number of publications which stem from the intial project, some of which are available now, others which are still with publishers, or in progress. In the meantime, I have produced a short research summary which highlights some of the key points that emerged in the research.

Spaces of Community Report Cafe Industry

As I expected the blog has become much broader than just this project, to include issues from across the coffee and café industry, exploring café cultures from across the globe, and I now have a wide range of pathways to take the research next.

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2 Responses to Spaces of Community: Dynamics in the cafe industry – Research Summary

  1. cactusjake says:

    Simply brilliant and very encouraging! Those passionate about cafes and the entire industry have much to take away here. So great!!!


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