Thank you Orange Cactus Coffee

In April I wrote a blog post about some of the podcasts that I listen to, in order to learn about coffee. One of these was the Orange Cactus Coffee Podcast, which I started to listen to after some interaction via Twitter and the blog with the guys who produce it. Over the last few months now I’ve been listening to Jake and Mike as they continue with their journey through specialty coffee over the Atlantic in Prescott Valley, Arizona. It’s been interesting hearing about their experiences visiting different cafes, and their thoughts as they try to develop their business Orange Cactus Coffee – with the ultimate goal to open a their own coffee shop.

On a couple of occasions they have even mentioned some of my work on the podcast, and I was delighted to see one day there was even a Daily Ristretto episode about my recent ‘Spaces of Community’ research summary.

Orange Cactus Coffee Cafe Spaces

Over the last few months I’ve had various conversations via Twitter and email with Orange Cactus Coffee, and it’s been great to see how their journey through specialty coffee has developed. I’ve learnt about coffee companies that I didn’t know of in the USA, and its made me think about different elements of a coffee business as they discuss various different issues the podcast.

A few weeks ago I sent my husband to pick up a parcel from the depot that I had missed while out that day. I was sure that it was a parcel containing some work that I was waiting for. Instead I was delighted to find out in the evening that instead of being work, it was in fact a parcel from Orange Cactus Coffee.

They had very kindly not only sent me a bag of their Saguaro coffee which they had recently made available, but a number of other things too. What was the most touching about this parcel was its personalisation, with a message inside the lid of the box and some decoration to the base of the box. Clearly a lot of effort had gone into packaging this coffee. If they go to anywhere near this level of effort for sending their coffee to customers they are sure to make a very good impression.

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I have now worked my way through the coffee beans, with some help of friends and family members, and have tried it as espresso (on its own and in a latte), via aeropress, and  V60. The Saguaro Coffee is a single origin coffee from Costa Rica and tasting notes that suggest it should have a light sugar sweetness, roasted nut tones, and notes of chocolate milk, roasted almond and cinnamon. It’s a darker roast than a lot of the specialty coffee I’ve tried here in the UK, but I like it. My preference would be via V60; this really is a great coffee, where I have actually been able to taste  some of the features identified in the tasting notes.

Orange Cactus Saguaro Coffee

Essentially this is a blog post to say thank you to Jake and Mike at Orange Cactus Coffee, for their feedback on my work, and for this parcel which really did make my week. Keep up the great work with Orange Cactus Coffee, I shall continue to follow your work with interest, from the other side of the Atlantic.

To find out more about Orange Cactus Coffee or try to their coffee, check out their website or YouTube channel – or listen to the podcast on the website (also available on iTunes).

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1 Response to Thank you Orange Cactus Coffee

  1. cactusjake says:

    Thank you, Jennifer, for the kind words. It’s been an honor meeting great coffee lovers, and great people (like you!) on this journey.


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