Cafes of Coventry City Centre

Since starting the research on cafes I often get asked where to go in Coventry city centre, and people are usually surprised when I roll off a list of places. Over the holidays I started sketching some of the cafes of Coventry and eventually I ended up drawing a kind of map too (although I should add the map is not to scale or entirely geographically accurate – but this is what happened when I started drawing). I should also add that this is only places in the city centre, Coventry has even more to offer if you go further outside the ring road. Perhaps later on I’ll do a city wide version.

I ended up sketching the cafes and the map over various pieces of paper, and I’ve now collated them into one image. The sketches I made were much larger than would fit on one page, so I have had to shrink them a bit to fit them all on one A3 page. I will, when time allows, create a higher resolution version to capture some more of the details, but for now, if you are looking for a place to stop for coffee, tea or a bite to eat in Coventry, then why not give one of these a try (presented in no particular order other than which entered my head first).

Cafes of Coventry City Centre



If there is somewhere I’ve missed off here, then please do get in touch.


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