Centre for Business in Society White Paper: Seeking Sustainability in the Coffee Shop Industry: Innovations in the Circular Economy

Across many sectors and industries, efforts are being made to be more sustainable, reduce consumption of materials and energy, and in many cases engage in more circular economy practices – reusing materials to create new ones, in turn reducing the need for new resources. The coffee shop industry is no exception to this, there are lots of examples of how individuals and organisations involved in the coffee shop industry are trying to do this too from using recycled material to produce coffee cups, to the use of coffee grounds in the production of energy.

As part of our research around the coffee shop industry and sustainability we have produced a White Paper that explores innovations in coffee and the circular economy. It considers the circular economy concept and how this has been adopted by some people and organisations in activities related to the coffee shop industry.

This includes a discussion around coffee cups, but also innovations around coffee grounds to produce new products, and the production of energy. It is designed to act a starting point for further research and discussion around the opportunities for different stakeholders in the coffee shop industry to engage with the circular economy.

It is available to download here:

This paper forms part of a White Paper series produced by my research centre, the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University. There are White Papers available (and more soon to be available), related to each of the research clusters from the future of the high street, the importance of remanufacturing, to disruption and strategy in the automotive sector.

There will be more research published around the coffee shop industry and the circular economy once I’ve completed fieldwork for a current research project exploring these issues further in the UK and Germany.

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