Coventry’s First Coffee Festival: Fargo Coffee Festival

There’s a growing number of coffee festivals taking place across the UK (and in other countries too), with many starting to emerge in smaller towns and cities. The weekend of 15th and 16th September saw the first coffee festival taking place in Coventry’s Fargo Village. The Fargo Coffee Festival was an event which showcased some of the regions coffee highlights including local roasters and coffee shops, as well as other coffee and coffee shop related organisations, such as the Independent Coffee Club, Midlands.

It was held in the indoor space just as you enter Fargo Village, for a very reasonable £1 entry!

Fargo Coffee Festival Coventry

As you entered the event there was a seating area where there was some live music playing, and plenty of tables to sit around and enjoy the coffee and atmosphere.

Fargo Coffee Festival Coventry

Then into the main hall there were range of different stands includng the main sponsors of the event Java Lounge, and Backhaus & Co. They were doing some latte art demonstrations and there seemed to be plenty of filter coffee being prepared. It was good to see one of my favourite midlands roasters at the event, Monsoon Estates Coffee Company, as well as Ed’s Coffee House which I’ve often visited on Coventry market.

I also had the opportunity to try a Kenyan filter coffee from a roaster I hadn’t heard about before – New Era coffee. The tasting notes suggested there should be hints of rose florals, lime and milk chocolate  – a very nice V60 to finish my visit to the festival.

A great addition to the suite of events that take place at Fargo Village in Coventry, I hope it’s one that stays in the calendar for next year to showcase more of what’s happening in coffee in the midlands.

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