New publication: Fostering sustainable behaviour in retail – looking beyond the coffee cup

The environmental issues associated with disposable coffee cups has become the focus of attention for many businesses, government, the media and the public. I have written about the issue on the cafespaces blog a number of times too, but more recently a journal article I produced  on this issue has been published highlighting how encouraging  sustainability in the coffee shop industry means more than just addressing what we drink our coffee in.

The article ‘Fostering sustainable behaviour in retail: looking beyond the coffee cup’ in the journal Social Business is a short thought piece which begins to explore the importance of integrating sustainable behaviour in business, and introduces some of the key stakeholders involved. It then explores some of the developments in the coffee shop industry and the implications of this for sustainable behaviour focusing on the examples of recycling coffee cups, coffee shop building design and the use of waste coffee grounds. The article finishes by outlining a research agenda which considers pathways for investigating the role of different actors in fostering sustainable behaviour in the industry. In doing so it introduces my more recent research project which explores sustainability in the coffee shop industry in the UK and Germany, an attempt to explore some of the issues raised in the article in more depth.

This discussion is part of a special issue of the journal Social Business which includes articles from a number of colleagues in my research centre the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University, highlighting some of the key issues being explored there from electric vehicles, inclusive labour markets, and  constructing inclusive economies, to data-driven culture and the circular economy.

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