Book Review: The Devils Cup by Stewart Lee Allen

Devils cup Stewart AllenIf you’re interested in the history of coffee and you like reading travelogues, then this book may interest you. I’ve recently been trying to read more around the history of coffee more generally, and a reference from another book led me here. The Devil’s Cup: Coffee, the Driving Force in History provides a good overview of how coffee travelled from its origins in Ethiopia, around the world to become the global commodity it has become today.

The author travels around the globe from Ethiopia, to Yemen , India, Turkey, Austria to France, Brazil and the US, on a quest to learn more about the origins, cultures and traditions associated with coffee. The book is useful in that it highlights a range of different traditions (both modern and historical) associated with coffee and explores some of the key individuals that were instrumental in driving the growth of the coffee industry.

Written in a travelogue style, the book is easy to read, and the author takes you on a journey through his both successful and less successful attempts to seek out knowledge around coffee, and a range of other escapades along the way.

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