Switching cups: Coffee festivals tackling disposable coffee cups

Coffee festivals have become important events in the coffee calendar for both professionals and coffee consumers alike. Growing numbers of visitors to these festivals across the country has inevitably led to large volumes of disposable coffee cups being used in very concentrated periods of time as people work their way around the festivals trying out different products.

Last year the London Coffee Festival made efforts to increase the number of disposable coffee cups that were recycled by taking part in the Square Mile Challenge with recycling points made very visible around the venue.

However, I discovered on twitter recently (via @CupforGood) an article from Sprudge which highlights how this year Glasgow Coffee Festival is placing greater emphasis on the  eco-responsibility by teaming up with the reusable coffee cup company KeepCup to lend visitors reusable cups.

Then in a further conversation on Twitter it was highlighted to me that in 2017 the Edinburgh Coffee Festival had become the first coffee festival in the UK to be ‘zero waste’ by partnering with Vegware (the eco-friendly food packaging company) and Frank Green (reusable cups).

These two Scottish coffee festivals are making great efforts to raise awareness of the sustainability issue related to coffee cup waste; it will be interesting to see if others follow their path. The London Coffee Festival is just around the corner, and with expected visitor numbers of around 30,000, if even a small proportion took their own reusable cup (or purchased one while they were there) it could have a big impact.

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