Data insight: Specialty coffee shops in London

London is home to a wealth of specialty coffee shops, and it’s a place where the specialty coffee industry is always developing. In order for coffee shops to remain successful in such a market (or any market) and continue to grow it is important to understand the state of play and where business efforts might need to be channelled. Recently Francisco Ibáñez, Managing Director of Kilouett, has been exploring how specialty coffee shops operate in London in order for his company to help coffee shops work towards their efforts to attract new customers and to increase revenues, and connect consumers with excellent specialty coffee. Francisco has produced a report of his recent investigation which involved over 60 specialty coffee shops and over 300 consumers in London.

I have produced the infographic below to highlight some of the key findings from the report:

Londons specialty coffee shop infographic

The point about local events in coffee shops is something I have found too in my research. Furthermore, these events have been an important mechanism for developing different communities, not only around coffee, but other interests too. For a coffee shop to be successful a loyal consumer base is be very important and such events have been instrumental for many coffee shops in building this, and their brand.

The report provides much more detail about the activities of specialty coffee shops, as well as a whole section on consumer behaviours, which has not been addressed here. If you want to find out more about the report and its findings, you can contact Francisco Ibáñez via email and (under development).


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