‘Cafe Nation’ revisited

As a researcher in a university, part of my job is to write. One outlet for the pieces I write is the academic journal, although I do try to write for different audiences via various outlets. When academics write articles, we never really know how they are going to be recieved, let alone how many people will actually read what we have written.

I very much enjoyed writing the paper ‘Cafe Nation: exploring the growth of the UK cafe industry‘, and was delighted to recieve an email last week from Area, the journal it was published in, to say that the paper had been one of the ‘most accessed‘ papers for the journal in 2017.

The paper received over 1,700 downloads in 2017, compared to the average of 201. As the map showing the location of these downloads shows, there’s quite a  global spread of readers so far, particularly for a paper that was so UK focused.

Area paper downloads map

What was also great to find out is that the journal has made the paper (along with all the other ‘most accessed’ papers), free to download until January 2019. If you have been one of the people that has downloaded the article already, thank you, and I hope you found it interesting. If you’re just stumbling upon this research and piece of writing now, then I hope you enjoy it, and that there is something in there relevant for your interests.


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