Updated map of coffee shops and cafes in Coventry

Last year I wrote a blog post including a Google map of the coffee shops and cafes in Coventry around the time the bid for Coventry to be the 2021 City of Culture had been submitted to try and demonstrate that the city did have a growing cafe culture. Naturally, over time, new places have opened so I decided to update the map.


One new addition in particular that is worth highlighting is Bean and Leaf Coffee House, the city’s newest specialty coffee offering. Just off the main square with the Lady Godiva statue in the city centre, Bean and Leaf is a lovely new place that is seeking to introduce more of the city’s population to specialty coffee. While it has a coffee offering from Caravan Coffee Roasters it also has a wide selection of teas, as well as cakes and snacks.

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Coventry doesn’t have a many coffee shops that offer specialty coffee coffee, and as such many people might not be so familiar with the nature of specialty coffee, and a nice touch in this shop is that there are small cards on the tables that explain a little bit about what specialty coffee is. If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Bean and Leaf Coffee House Coventry

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