Reading about coffee and coffee shops: magazines

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post which listed some of the websites and blogs I read to learn more about what’s going on in the coffee and coffee shop industry. In addition to the wealth of information there is online, I also try to read things magazines too, often in print form rather than online. After all, going to cafe and sitting reading for a while is still one of my favourite things to do – not that I get much time to do that at present, as unsurprisngly dealing with baby Ferreira takes all of my time. While quite a few of these are trade magazines, rather than those directed towards the consumer, anyone with an interest in coffee and the coffee shop industry can learn a lot from these magazines. I particularly like those that reveal some of the people behind the industry, and explore how coffee cultures are developing.

In no particular order, here are some of the magazines I read quite frequently:

Caffeine: a magazine dedicated to exploring specialty coffee. They have a great section each time exploring different coffee shops in different cities (mostly in the UK, but sometimes elsewhere in the world too).

Café Europa: a magazine of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

Boughton’s Coffee House:  a trade magazine for those in all areas of the café industry. It’s great for keeping up to date with what’s happening in the news related to the industry, but also about current issues and trends.

Standart: (Standing for the art of coffee), ‘capturing the beauty of specialty coffee culture around the globe’.  In addition to their beautiful photography this magazine gets to the heart of so many issues in specialty coffee – I particularly liked ‘the sustainability of the barista career’ article from a recent issue.

Roast: another trade magazine, this time with a greater focus on the coffee (from production to roasting and consumption) rather than other aspects of the café industry.

Barista: a magazine designed for coffee professionals. They do a great job of showcasing some of the fantastic individuals that drive the coffee industry.

Fresh Cup: a US based publication, but with a global outlook, exploring the world of specialty coffee and tea.

Specialty Coffee Chronicle: magazine of the Specialty Coffee Assocaition for everything going on in specialty coffee. They have a really useful article on ‘What is specialty coffee?’ too.

Bean Scene: an Australian publication exploring the coffee industry globally.

Drift: a magazine which in each issue explores coffee culture in a different city, from New York to Melbourne.

Café Culture Magazine: a trade focused magazine targeting the café and coffee shop sector.

Coffee and Tea International: a Russian focused coffee and tea publication.

This might not seem like a huge list, but there really is a wealth of material here. Do you know of any other coffee/cafe related publications that I should be reading? I’m particularly interested to hear about publications outside of the the UK and the US – coffee is a global industry and I’m interested in finding out about the different coffee and coffee shop cultures that exist around the world. If you know of other magazines you think are interesting, please do get in touch (even if they are in different languages)!

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1 Response to Reading about coffee and coffee shops: magazines

  1. Cactus Jake says:

    Great resource! Thank you. Glad to hear there are still print mags floating around. I can’t remember the last time I held a physical magazine. I miss it.


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