Battling the coffee cup mountain: new government inquiry

Back in July last year I wrote a short article for the Conversation on the issue of coffee cup waste after Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall launched his ‘War on Waste’ focusing on coffee cups. I have since revisited this issue to consider what businesses were doing about it, and again when it was announced Costa Coffee announced a new recycling initiative and discount for customers using reusable cups.

conversation jennifer ferreira coffee

This week it was announced that the Environmental Audit Committee has launched an inquiry into the damage being done to the environment by disposable drinks packing, focusing specifically on plastic bottles and coffee cups, and investigating what actions are being take to reduce waste, as well as potential solutions.

coffeecupinquiryThe Committee is inviting submissions which may help understand how to try to held reduce bottles and coffee cup waste, and reduce the amount ending up in landfill. To find out more about this inquiry you can visit the news announcement where you can view the terms of reference.

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1 Response to Battling the coffee cup mountain: new government inquiry

  1. cactusjake says:

    It seems like a complex problem with no simple solution. I love reading your work on the topic. Surely the cafe owners benefit form customers carrying around little billboards with their brands on them, but are also not real happy if their brand ends up being in photos of landfills instead of being recycled. I think offering and promoting discounts for using reusable cups seems a clear first step for business owners, especially if you happen to sell some incredible reusable cups like KeepCups and similar.


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