Calling for cups: coffee cup recycling activities

I have written before about the problem of takeaway coffee cups, which continues to feature in the mainstream media. Back in November 2016 Costa Coffee started a trial scheme for recyling coffee cups in around 45 stores based in Manchester and London and have now announced that this is to be expanded across 2,000 stores (explained  in this infographic). This makes their scheme (which accepts coffee cups not just from Costa but from other shops too) more widespread across the country and has the potential to significantly increase the number of coffee cups that are recycled.The company also announced a 25p discount for customers who bring their own reusasble cup.

Costa coffee 25p discount reusable cup

This is in addition to an initiative taking place in the City of London which produces an estaimted 5 million takeaway cofffee cups a year. The initiative  launched by the City of London Corporation, with Nework Rail supported by Simply Cups and Hubbub involves providing coffee cup recycling points around the ‘Square Mile’ and then attempting to recycle them into new products where possible.

On a recent trip up the M6 I was also pleased to see that at the motorway service station Starbucks were promoting the use of a resuable cup.


So far in 2017 there have been some positive developments in efforts to battle the coffee cup mountain, it will be interesting to see if the momentum on this issue is maintained.


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