Cafe Nation? New publication on the UK cafe industry 

So while the ‘Spaces of Community‘ project has now been going for a bit now academic publishing time scales means that it’s only now that some of the publications are coming into fruition. The first article published this month which explores the growth and development of the cafe industry, and is now available in the geography journal Area
The paper ‘Café nation? Exploring the growth of the UK café industry’, recently published in the journal Area, examines why the café industry has grown so much and considers some of the implications this is having on UK urban spaces. While its main aim was to provide an overview of the café industry in the UK, more importantly it highlights why more research is needed on the many facets of the café industry as part of a new economic and social geography of urban spaces; from the impact they have on the communities in which they are located, to the plethora of business forms that are emerging as part of the industry. A little more about the article and broader research project can be found on the Geography Directions blog post
  The research for this project has involved extensive reviews of both academic and industry literature as well as a round of interviews with cafe owners, managers, and industry experts. While this first article provides an overview of industry developments following papers do more to establish a framework for exploring this industry and delve deeper into the empirical material, drawing on insights from the interviews to explore various aspects of the cafe industry. 

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