Coffee Shop North

Recently I had a short article published in a kick-starter funded book: Coffee Shop North. Organised by Dan Saul Pilgrim the publication is a visually led book which explores some of the highlights of the independent coffee industry in the north of England. My initial plan for the Spaces of community project was to use the Northern Quarter in Manchester as a case study as I knew the area well, and this quickly expanded to include many other areas of the north too. I have been discovering the other coffee shop highlights of the north over the last year or so. Dan has managed to capture twenty three coffee shops and roasters from across the region.

Coffee shop north cover

The book includes a range of images of the shops themselves, the people who work there and various other features, as well as a series of essays exploring different themes related to both coffee and the north: from ideas around the coffee shop as an office to the personal experiences of a coffee shop. My contribution was one of these essays focusing on the ‘third wave of coffee’ and urban centres in the North. Essentially it highlights how the coffee industry, and the various cafes and roasters that have developed as part of it are an important component of many city centres, and their communities. Each of the essays is accompanied by an illustration from a range of authors. I was delighted to see mine was accompanied by an image created by the very talented Cherie Jerrard, who I discovered via the blog Brian’s Coffee Spot some time ago.

Coffee shop north book

You can find out more about the book on the Coffee Shop North Website, or by following Coffee Shop North on Twitter.

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