The Coffee Origins Project

While my current research project is more focused on the impact of cafés on communities and urban spaces, it would be very difficult to discuss current trends in cafés without mentioning the drive to know more about where coffee comes from – both from people working in the industry, and from consumers.

A new project, Coffee Origins, is trying to map coffee growers from around the world, and already there are plenty of entries. 
Coffee origins world map editable

Partnered with the the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, and the African Fine Coffee Association the project is seeking to map as many coffee farms across the world as possible. You can add information about any coffee farm anywhere in the world to the map. It will be great to see how this develops.

Coffee origins world map editable

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One Response to The Coffee Origins Project

  1. Stephen Schwab. says:

    Good to know the geographical story of coffee beyond ‘wheres the nearest Starbucks’ [other shops are available ].


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