Spaces of Community featured on The Internauts

Cafe spaces poster BESRESAt the Faculty’s annual internal conference this year I presented a poster about my recent research project on the growth of the cafe industry and the role of cafes in urban areas. With research still at the fieldwork stage it was too early to delve deep into the empirical findings of the research, but there was still plenty of ideas and facts related to the project I wanted to display. It was also a chance to do a bit more work practising making infographics* which I also have an interest in.

The poster provided some broad statistics on the growth in the number of cafes in the UK, the importance of cafes in urban communities, as well as covering the aims and objectives for the research project. While it was being displayed I was approached by some postgraduate students who were interested in the research, who then asked a few questions. Shortly after the conference they published a blog post about the poster, and the research topic, on their digital marketing blog, The Internauts.


As well as commenting on the poster content, their blog post points to some interesting videos on changing coffee cultures which I hadn’t seen before – London’s changing coffee culuture, and coffee culture. It was great to see some of Coventry’s postgraduate students engaging with other academics at the conference and I think the blog post is a nice summary of what I was trying to present. It’s always nice to talk to people who are interested in your research.


*I have written a short booklet on how to make infographics if you’re interested in this kind of thing. You can download it here.

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